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Sexuality and Sexual Health

Being comfortable with our sexuality and our bodies is important. Having questions about how our bodies work and why we feel a certain way is natural and inevitable.
From primary school to retirement, sexuality and sexual health is a part of our lives. It changes as we change – from the moment we start thinking about sex, avoiding or achieving a pregnancy, and how to avoid sexually transmissible infections.
Then there’s menopause and prostate problems in later years as well as the time to help us have a great sex life in retirement.
Having healthy sex and a health body means knowing what’s right for you, all through your life. At FPV we think it’s important to discuss sex, to learn about safe sex and sexuality and that includes:
Sexuality and Sexual Orientation.This section explores what we are and who we are attracted to. It’s not always easy finding out or thinking you are gay. You aren’t alone and there are plenty of stories and advice from people who have been there and survived.
Fertility. Whether you are avoiding pregnancy or trying to get pregnant, there are things to do and things you shouldn’t do. For advice on contraception and on the best times to get pregnant as well as ways to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one, click onto our Fertility section.
Female Sexual Health. Breasts, vagina, vulva, cervix, labia – the words start to sound like a science fiction movie cast list after a while. Keeping your sexual organs healthy, making sure you have a Pap smear, mammogram and an STI test or screen when you need it, are all part of being a woman. We tell you what you need to know about what is down below.
Male Sexual Health. Men don’t like talking about their health and may feel uncomfortable asking questions about their sexual health. Find confidential advice on everything from impotence to infertility, testicular cancer to prostate problems.
Adolescence. Whether you are a teenager or a parent of a teen, sex can be confusing. Don’t put it off. Learn what you need to know, and learn how to talk about it. Kids and parents who talk about sex have better, and safer, sex lives. Teens who know about sex are happier and healthier when they eventually have sex.

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اشتراک ایمیل – جهت ارسال داستان ها عکس ها و فیلم و شماره ها به ایمل شما

جهت اشتراک در سایت ایمیل خود را وارد کنید سپس پنجره ای جدید باز می شود که باید کد امنیتی را وارد کنید:


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